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Navi Marketing will create, build, design, and optimize your Facebook page allowing it to compliment your website.  Having a well built Facebook page can help your business in many ways.  First, your Facebook page itself can generate business for you by how well it is optimized for specific searches.  Secondly, attaching it to your website can help with organic placement of your website on Google, Yahoo, & Bing.
In addition to Facebook, Google+ is making a big push and can also really add value to the organic placement of your website.  We will help integrate your social media with your website to leverage your ranking online.  Utilize your resources the best you can.  Navi Marketing will make this very simple for you and handle all of the heavy lifting.

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Facebook is an affordable way to get your name out in front of a larger audience.  Navi Marketing will design your Facebook ads, including pictures, content, publishing to help get your name out in front of potential customers and ultimately converting them into leads.  Facebook display ads can help you get more likes on your page, traffic to your website, and ultimately more revenue coming in the door.  We can also specifically target just about any demographic you want to get your name in front of including: Age range, home ownership, gender, and more.

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Our Services

▪ Website Design
▪ SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
▪ Google, Yahoo, & Bing map listing set up & optimization
▪ Additional listing set up & optimization
▪ Social Media Integration
▪ Social Media Setup, ie. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.
▪ Facebook Online Display Advertising
▪ Ad Agency Program
▪ Photography
▪ Direct Mail

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